Geometric Transformations I (Number 8) (Bk. 1)

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The format of the book encourages active participation by the reader at all times. The first half contains the short, basic text and many problems, all interesting and mostly hard. The second half contains solutions in full as well as further comments. " — Melvin Hausner, New York University Almost everyone is acquainted with plane Euclidean geometry as it is usually taught in high school. This book introduces the reader to a completely different way of looking at familiar geometrical facts. It is concerned with transformations of the plane that do not alter the shapes and sized of geometric figures. Such transformations (called isometries) play a fundamental role in the group-theoretic approach to geometry. The treatment is direct and simple, The reader is introduced to new ideas and then is urged to solve problems using these ideas. The problems form an essential part of this book and the solutions are given in detail in the second half of the book.

Geometric Transformations I (Number 8) (Bk. 1)

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